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Chapter 8: Para-site

This extra gift is part of an experiment in developing written works specific to the digital medium. Itself a text on the relation between art, writing and new technology in the work of the performance artist Stelarc, ‘Para-site’ was originally devised as a website, and was intended to act as a supplement or shadow to Stelarc’s own website. The  Stelarc ‘Para-site’ was constructed by weaving together passages of text using hyper-text links to form a kind of textual web, each passage functioning as an electronic gateway to a number of other digital locations ‘within’ the site. Additional hyper-text links were then used to interweave this web with texts and images on the artist’s own website, with still further links being made to some of the other texts by Stelarc available on the web.  In this way the Stelarc ‘Para-site’ was designed to enter into both a prosthetic and a parasitical relationship with its ‘host’: augmenting, extending, modifying and reconfiguring it, but also invading, disturbing, contaminating and infecting it. 

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Great. Nice points.

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